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Academia Aestiva Internationalis 2018


Global political sphere is ever changing. These changes indirectly and directly impact the world that we live in. As national and global citizens, we should be aware of the issues that the world is facing. This year we will research the challenges that are brought to global political and social sphere by populism. 

Populism is not a product of post-modern societies. It is a known phenomenon that carries historical importance. However, it has been put in the forefront once more. Numerous candidates and political leaders have been labeled as populists. Their rethorics and promises have been puting a new face to what being a politician means.

Populism brought a new disscourse to human rights and development of international law. With some labeling populist rethorics as hate speech and others as freedom of speech, we have been witnessing a clash between important human rights. Where is the line where freedom of speech overrides to hate speech? 

As populism will be the main theme, we will incorporate the view on populism from political, economic and journalistic view as well as from the aspect of international law and human rights. We will research the phenomenon of populism in detail with the help of experts that have been working on populism for years or have been experiencing it on their own skin.