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Academia Aestiva Internationalis 2016

Fleeing and migration - not only European, but global challenge

Academia Aestiva Internationalis (AAI) 2016 took place between 27 June and 1 July 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and was financially supported my the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Social Sciences.


On the first day the welcome addresses were delivered by Ms Kaja Primorac, AAI’s executive director, by professor Zlatko Šabič, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and by Dr Milan Brglez, the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.


The first lecture by Dr William Ejalu and Ms Špela Majcen from UNHCR Slovenia “Deconstructing the Current European Refugee Crisis” set the context for the Summer School, and was followed by workshops on migration flows around the globe: Dr. Primož Štrbenc addressed the migration flows in Near East, mag. Maja Ladič the migration flows in Africa, Dr Martina Bofulin focused on East Africa, and Mr Santiago Martin on the Latin America. The day filled with new information concluded in the Union Brewery, where the participants got the chance to taste some of their beers. 


The second day began with a lecture by UNHCR Slovenia on how the UN addresses migration flows, supplemented by a workshop on easing the transition process for the refugees. A lecture by prof. dr. Maja Bučar on Post-2015 Agenda, and its implications to migrations provided an overview of the salient events regarding the refugee crisis of 2015, such as the UN Summit on 2030 Agenda, or the COP-21 Conference. Mr Adnan Huskić prepared a workshop regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the implications of events that transpired there for refugees. Meanwhile Ms Maja Ladič highlighted the Rwandan genocide, and her personal as well as her friends’ experiences in Africa.


The third day was dedicated to legal aspects of the refugee situation. Doc. Dr Vasilka Sancin held a lecture on aspects of international law that regulate migration vases. Later, Prof Dr Grega Strban explained the intricacies of social rights of migrants within, and outside the EU. Afternoon’s  workshops focused on new perspectives, that provided an into negative aspects of reactions to migrations. The group with Dr Neža Kogovšek Šalamon discussed human rights, the group with Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar dealt with hate speech, and the group with Mr Faris Kočan indulged into migrations, young people, and the ‘lost generation’. A scavenger hunt concluded the day, allowing the participants to explore the hidden corners of Ljubljana.


The fourth day started with a lecture by Doc dr Uroš Svete on the effect of migrations on security. Later on the participants watched and discussed movie La Havre with Prof Dr Peter Stanković. The afternoon lectures, one by Prof Dr Mitja Velikonja “New Others: An Ideological Picture of Refugees in Contemporary Slovenia”, and other by Doc Dr Mojca Pajnik on reflecting on migrations concluded the Ljubljana-based part of the Summer School.


On the last day the participants, and the organising team visited Vienna. We visited the UN Headquarters there, and had a chance to talk to employees, and listen to a lecture by the UNHCR Vienna. Participants received their certificates of participation in the UN Media Hall. Each participant brought to the Summer School new patterns of thinking, and offered fresh and interesting ideas for the future. 

Lecture on Human Rights